Michelle Karshan and staff and participants of Alternative Chance/Chans Altenativ in Haiti
A self-help, advocacy program for criminal deportees in Haiti
About Alternative Chance/Chans Altenativ
Alternative Chance Misson Statement
Attention Attorneys & Clients
For attorneys and clients fighting criminal deportation from the United States or post-deportation
Mailing, telephone, email, fax -- contact information
Articles about Criminal Deportation to Haiti, Alternative Chance, and Criminal Deportation in general
Articles on Alternative Chance, Criminal Deportees, Criminal Deportation and Haiti
Alternative Chance Brochure in plain format
Overview of Alternative Chance program for Criminal Deportees in Haiti
Alternative Chance/Chans Altenativ 3rd Annual Awards & Fundraising Dinner
Alternative Chance/Chans Altenativ to hold annual benefit November 22, 2008 in downtown Brooklyn
Donate money or materials, Volunteer in Haiti or the US.
June 2006 Note on Our Work
Overview of Chans Altenativ work and thinking
Photos & Photo Credits
Photos of Alternative Chance and life in Haiti for criminal deportees
Links for resources, analysis and legal resources
Links to Job Training, Job Readiness, and More
Job training, Job readiness, Job resources
Alternative Chance Haitian Art Gallery
Help support our work by visiting our Haitian Art Gallery
Women Criminal Deportees in Haiti
International Women's Day and Women Criminal Deportees in Haiti
New life is no life for U.S. ex-cons in Haiti
Chicago Tribune article about criminal deportees in Haiti
Overview of Alternative Chance/Chans Altenativ Past and Future Activities for Criminal Deportees in Haiti & those Challenging Criminal Deportation to Haiti, October 15, 2007
Priority Issues, Upcoming Family Camp, Collaborations, Human Rights Awards, Annual Benefit
Continue to Suspend Deportation to Haiti by Michelle Karshan
Sun Sentinel article by Michelle Karshan
Alternative Chance documents conditions and human rights concerns on behalf of criminal deportees in 2009 in letter to UNHCR
Alternative Chance list of concerns re conditions of criminal deportees in Haiti. Addressed to UNHCR in 2009
Being Deported to Post Earthquake Haiti by Michelle Karshan, Alternative Chance
Alternative Chance warns of life threatening conditions and death by cholera if people are deported to Haiti


Links for Resources, Analysis &, Legal Resources

Post Deportation Human Rights Project - Boston College

Health through Walls, sustainable prison healthcare in developing countries

Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center

Institute For Justice & Democracy in Haiti

Alternatives to Violence Project International

Partners in Health

International Crisis Group

The Panos Institute - Caribbean

Haiti Support Group (London-based)

Legal Services of New Jersey

Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center

National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, Inc.

New York State Defenders Association Immigrant Defense Project

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